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There are thousands of local airports in the U.S., each surrounded by great dining, treasure hunting, and aviation adventures. Join us on the hunt as we uncover every last one of these hidden gems.
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Video: Air Fare America Sizzle

For most people, airports are places to start a journey, not destinations in themselves. But outside large commercial airports, lies a world waiting to be discovered! Off the beaten path, local airports are often treasure troves of art, architecture, antiques and adventure.

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Fullerton Restaurant Rehab Promises Spectacular Results

January, 2015 — Excited to report that Wings Café at the Fullerton Airport will soon open. Following an extensive – and amazing! — renovation by owners Brian and Sherrie White, the 50’s style diner will pay homage to the glory days of aviation.

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Restoration Returns Classic Cuisine to NEW Terminal

January 2015 – Few restaurants conjure the romance and refinement of yesteryear like the Walnut Room at New Orleans’ Lakefront Airport. A true dining destination, the restaurant earned a reputation for elegance and excellence in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

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Popular Café Lands Second Location at KSZP

January 2015 – Since 2010, Ken and Evie Kramer have dished out home cooked meals to area residents and road trippers at Ventura’s Cafe 126. When the Santa Paula Airport, 20 miles northeast of the cafe, went hunting for a new restaurant operator, they didn’t look very far.

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Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

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Mukilteo Coffee Roasters @ W10

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Amelia's Landing

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